Effortlessly Cool

At Lec we have developed a range of products offering style, functionality, choice and importantly in today's world, energy efficiency.

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Effortlessly Cool

Lec was originally formed by Charles Purley in the early 1940s, a fishmonger based in Bognor Regis who was so fed up with the high cost of ice he wanted to develop a refrigeration system to keep his fish cool. The first Lec fridge was simply made using a C02 compressor. Things have certainly moved on since then, but one fact remains the same: our products keep your drinks cold, your food chilled and your frozen goods, well, frozen. We’ve worked hard to develop an inspiring collection of products, delivering style, functionality and a breadth of choice that is unrivalled. By drawing on more than 70 years of experience, we’ve built our collection around your needs.Whether you’re looking for capacity and durability for a growing family, compact designs for smaller properties and spaces, or style and elegance for the modern apartment, there’s a Lec product for you.

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